Kanga goes home with Jazmín! (Kanga se va a casa de Jazmín)

Kanga finally goes to… Jazmín’s home! (the girl holding Kanga)
We are: Guadalupe, Fermín, Mailén, Belén, Jazmín, Lucas, Bautista and Manuel. And teacher Lis!
We are thrilled to have you as friends, and we have some questions for you:
Bauti (the boy with the hat) wants to know if there are any real kangaroo near your school, have you got any picture?
Manuel (the boy eating a chocolate) asks: What are your names?
Mailén (the girl wearing glasses) wanders about your typical meals.
We will show you our houses, families, schools, games and whatever you want us to show you.



(Finalmente Kanga se va a… ¡la casa de Jazmín!)
Somos Guadalupe, Fermín, Mailén, Belén, Jazmín, Lucas, Bautista y Manuel. ¡Y la seño Lis!

Estamos muy emocionados de tenerlos como amigos y tenemos algunas preguntas para hacerles:
Bauti quiere saber si hay algún canguro verdadero cerca de su escuela. ¿Tienen alguna foto?
Manuel pregunta: ¿Cómo se llaman?
Mailén se pregunta sobre sus comidas típicas.
Nosotros les mostraremos nuestras casas, familias, escuelas, juegos y todo aquello que ustedes quieran.



Prep F and 4J get busy with our Canadian Beaver!

My Prep students teamed up with their buddy grade 4J today to create their own version of ‘Viva the Beaver’ (can you tell my 5 year olds named him? And that we love Dr Seuss/anything that rhymes at the moment??).


Check out some of our photos! For even more information on Viva’s journey in Traralgon, Australia all the way from Canada keep checking in on my classrooms blog: http://prepf2014.wordpress.com