Welcome to you all to this blog about our Teddy Bear projects. This is going to be awesome! Because we are going to be in contact with each other through this blog it is going to add another dimension to the project! This is certainly creative and innovative! What a creative way to start a project-by commenting on the hat Lis was wearing…


8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello everyone, I’m Lis Aguiar from La Pampa, Argentina. I teach Second Children with 9 students. I will give Goos, the whale to Joan from Australia.

  2. Hi, I’m Bronwyn Joyce. I am a Grade 4 teacher from Australia. I’m looking forward to participating in the Teddy Bear Project with this wonderful blog and team of teachers. It was lovely to meet you all at the conference and I look forward to future collaborations 😃

  3. Reblogged this on Our Global Classroom and commented:
    Hi 4j,
    While Mrs Joyce was in Argentina I became part of a new travelling teddies team. We will be receiving a teddy from Argentina to take photos with and share on this global blog. Miss Fergusons class will get one from Canada. I have so many exciting things to share with you all and many more photos. Wifi has been not so good which has stopped me from posting many pictures. See you Monday.
    Oh also you might like to introduce yourself on the blog and say what Grade you are from that you are looking forward to receiving a new friend from Argentina.
    Missing you all,
    From Mrs Joyce

  4. hello mrs joyce i got on this blog
    hello i am in 4j iam awesome plus iam harry still awesome and happy bday me 13 july
    we have genral iceberg in our class and sagent ???????
    go on ourglobalclassroom.com /mrs joyces blog plus add your majical moment now good bye

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