Kanga at teacher Lis’ home.

kanga has already  got a lot of new friends!

kanga has already got a lot of new friends!

But don't worry! He's being well guarded!

But don’t worry! He’s being well guarded by Mittens! 


6 thoughts on “Kanga at teacher Lis’ home.

  1. As we started the winter holidays I will keep Kanga at home a few days. The students are very excited about the project!

  2. We all love your cat, Mittens. Harry says, ” How is Kanga going?” Jem wants to know the names of all the teddies. Madison says, ” I think your house is gorgeous.” Annabel wants to know if Mittens is a cat or a kitten, and a boy or a girl?

  3. Harry, Kanga is having a great time playing with Mittens these days =D
    Dear Jem, my teddies are: Pumba (the light brown dog on the left), Simba (the lion), Bethoveen (the dog with the scarf), Cleta (the little girl with the purple hat), Rafaella (the big girl in pink), the white dog next to kanga is named Sweet, the yellow rabbit is called Ricotta, the little pink rabbit over there is Cata and the dolphing is called Cercioro.
    I love them very much! I’ve had them since I was a child.
    Madison, thank you very much!!! if you want I can send you more pictures of my house.
    Annabel, Mittens is a kitten and she is a girl. I adopted her on Junuary when she was a few days baby. The vet said she was lucky I’d rescued her. Now she is really happy and she plays a lot with all the teddies.

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