Adventures with Jazmín!!! (Aventuras junto a Jazmín)

IMG_0002 Kanga had a busy week with Jazmín!!! She took the teddy to her gimnastics classes, and her classmates were excited to meet him. On the weekend, Kanga visited our natural reserve “Parque Luro”. It is the biggest fenced natural area in the World!

(¡Kanga tuvo una semana muy ocupada junto a Jazmin! Ella llevó al peluche a su clase de gimnasia y sus compañeros estaban muy contentos por conocerlo. El fin de semana, Kanga visitó nuestra reserva natural Parque Luro. ¡Es la reserva natural cercada más grande del mundo!)

IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0024 Jazmín’s parents are very happy to be part of this project and they say: “Hello everyone! we are glad to meet you. We hope you enjoy our province through the photos. Cheers”.

(Los papis de Jazmín están muy contentos de ser parte del proyecto y ellos dicen: “Hola a todos. Estamos felices de conocerlos. Esperamos que disfruten de nuestra provincia a través de las fotos. Saludos”)

IMG_0039 IMG_0042 IMG_0043


One thought on “Adventures with Jazmín!!! (Aventuras junto a Jazmín)

  1. Hello to Jazmin and her family. Kanga had a VERY exciting time with you. We loved seeing your gymnastics class and the reserve Parque Luro. Did you see animals there?

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