Farewell to Jashi

We say good bye to Jashi


He will be travelling to Argentina to Teacher Anusia´s class


and he is dressed as a peasant from our province


Bye bye Jashi, have fun and tell us about Argentina, many greetings to your future friends from the kids from 3rd. grade and teachers Anita Campos and Priscilla Ruiz.



3 thoughts on “Farewell to Jashi

  1. Hola Priscilla y Anita! que bueno ver las fotos! que lindo saber que ya esta en viaje jashi! prometo avisar apenas llegue! mientras les cuento que Paula ya salio hace una semana! besos a todos! Anusia

  2. hello all of you! I am learning to use the wordpress. so happy to see all the beautiful things you have written! let me tell you that Paula is travelling to Peru, but Gian is leaving this Friday to USA, next week Don Juan is going to Caballito in Buenos Aires and another school from Caracoles River, primary school 25, is going to make contact
    with school from Australia! happy happy to see you all. Anusia

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