Hello from Delta, Argentina

Hello all of you! I want to tell you that our teddy bear from Peru has arrived. Thank you so much!

kids were so happy and moved! they started taking him home with a notebook. the idea is that they

are going to write in the notebook about their daily habits to share with all of you!  thank you again

and good week for all of you! Anusia



Neymar Pink began his adventures on Argentina, first, arrived to Agustina’s house


Neymar are happy with Agustina in her house (Neymar está feliz de estar en casa de Agustina)


“É bom conhecê-lo” (Nice to meet you) says Neymar at people. Everybody smiles when greets to Neymar. (“É bom conhecê-lo” [“Encantado de conocerte”] dice Neymar a la gente. Todos sonríen cuando saludan a Neymar)

IMG-20140925-WA0002 IMG-20140925-WA0001 IMG-20140925-WA0004


Neymar was knowing Trelew’s downtown… and he said “wow, it’s cold in Argentina” (Neymar estuvo conociendo el centro de Trelew y dijo: “uauuuuu hace frío en Argentina”)



After a long day, Neymar and Agustina are going to sleep. (Después de un largo día, Neymar y Agustina se van descansar)

Nina eats a typical peruvian speciality


Having lunch with Nina

Here am I with Nina in Mrs. Marta´s restaurant, with my family, my grand mother, my mother, my father and me, we are eating a guinea pig with a hot sauce.

In the mall they have bought me a new toy and I am here with Nina.


In the central forest from Peru, looking a nice waterfall. With my family , my brother Cesitar,mommy, daddy and my grand mother.

With Nina having lunch  typical peruvian dishes with my mommy Ana Maria and grand mother.