Kanga had a great time with Lucas (Kanga la pasó muy bien con Lucas)

Lucas was really happy to take Kanga home.
(Lucas estaba muy contento de llevar a casa a Kanga)DSC_0018

Kanga helped him with his homework. 
(Kanga ayudó a Lucas a hacer su tarea)

DSC_0025 DSC_0026
Lucas took Kanga to the countryside. 
(Lucas llevó a Kanga al campo)
Kanga met the Caldén, our typical tree. You won’t find it anywhere else in the World, but La Pampa.
(Kanga conoció el Caldén, nuestro árbol típico. No se encuentra en ningún otra parte del mundo, sólo en La Pampa)

DSC_0177  DSC_0180
Lucas and his family want to know: Which is your typical tree? can you show us?
(Lucas y su familia quieren saber: ¿Cuál es su árbol típico? ¿Nos pueden mostrar?)
On sundays we share an “asado” with our family. Is a strong tradition in Argentina.
(Los domingo compartimos un asado con la familia. Es una tradición muy fuerte en Argentina)

Lucas didn’t want to say Good Bye to Kanga.
(Lucas no quería despedirse de Kanga)


One thought on “Kanga had a great time with Lucas (Kanga la pasó muy bien con Lucas)

  1. Grade Prep/1 loved seeing these photos, Lucas. Thank you for showing us your country side. We are learning more and more about Argentina. We really liked the Calden tree. Does it grow leaves in Spring? Your asado looks very yummy. Mrs Price saw ‘asado’ in Buenos Aires in the markets.

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