Fabulous Photos

These photos are from Anusia in Delta, Argentina.


CIMG1570 CIMG1571 CIMG1572 CIMG1573 CIMG1574 CIMG1579

These photos are a guided tour throughout the Delta school in Argentina. The children visited the lab because they have a project of native plants and they germinate the seeds there.  When the seeds have germinated they take the baby plants to the green house and when they grow they take them to their garden of native plants.

CIMG1583 CIMG1585 CIMG1586 CIMG1587 CIMG1588 CIMG1589CIMG1590 CIMG1592 CIMG1594 CIMG1599 CIMG1601 CIMG1603 CIMG1604 CIMG1606

They also have a museum of abandoned nests. When children find nests they take them to school to study them.

CIMG1610 CIMG1614


One thought on “Fabulous Photos

  1. Hello lovely children at Delta, Argentina, from Australia. I loved seeing your native plants in your school garden. It would be great to see some native plants from all the schools on this blog. I will get the children to take photos of our garden this week. We will also read this post again. Thanks to Anusia for the information.

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