Boomerangs Are Fun!


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Hello To Our Australian Friends. Thank you for telling us how to make pretend boomerangs. We had a lot of fun making them. After we made them we took them outside and threw them. It was fun throwing them. Sometimes they went really far and sometimes they did not go far.

Thank you again for telling us about boomerangs!


2 thoughts on “Boomerangs Are Fun!

  1. Hello Canadian friends,

    We loved seeing your boomerang photos, you have made us want to go outside and throw some!
    We loved the boomerangs, you all put so much effort into them.
    Lachlie wants to know did you enjoy making them and did they take very long to make?
    Jaydah hopes you had lots of fun with them!

    Talk to you soon friends!
    From Prep F.

  2. Hello Australian Friends,

    The boomerangs did not take too long to make. We did have lots of fun with them. We are very happy that we found out how to make them.

    Talk to you soon!

    From Moonstone

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