The Baby Koala’s Visit Toronto

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The baby Koala’s went on the elevator with A.M.’s family. They went to top of the C.N. Tower. They went to the aquarium. They saw shark and clown fish. Everyone went on the walkway together. It was cool!

Story and pictures by A.M.


2 thoughts on “The Baby Koala’s Visit Toronto

  1. Hello Mr Carleton’s class,

    We loved your photos of the koalas going to the aquarium. We have some questions for you.

    Jaydah wants to know “Did you have lots of fun?”

    Miss Ferguson wants to know “Which fish were your favourites?”

    Lachlan asks “Did the koalas like the aquarium with all the fish?”

    Kelsey wants to know “Where are you going to next with the koalas?”

    Sam asks “Did you take them to see the sharks?”

    Hayley wants to know “What other fish did you see?”

  2. Dear Australian Friends,

    Thank you for the koalas. We had fun. I liked the tank patrol fish the best. The koalas liked the sharks and fish. We liked the sword fish too. It is a surprise where the koalas will go next….

    By Adnan

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