Qualla Spends Halloween At D.W.’s Farm

D.W. is a Ninja Turtle for Halloween. Qualla is a witch for Halloween. She is holding two brooms for her babies. D.W. and his brother put fruit and pumpkins around Qualla. D.W. and G.W. piled up candy around Qualla. D.W. and his dad took Qualla on the combine to harvest soybeans. The next day Dylan took Qualla to hockey. It was a great time!

Story and pictures by D.W.


2 thoughts on “Qualla Spends Halloween At D.W.’s Farm

  1. Hi Canadian friends,

    We are so excited to see that Qualla enjoyed Halloween with D.W. Thank you for those photos. We are thinking that Qualla must have been very cold because you had a jumper on him! Sam thinks that you have spoilt Qualla too!! The combine harvester looked like fun. Rhylee wants to know if you just love Qualla (we think we already know they answer to this!). Kelsey has been wanting to ask your class why you don’t wear school uniforms? Lachie wants to know if Qualla was super greedy eating all of those lollies?

    From Prep F.

    • Hello Australian Friends,

      D.W. gave Qualla a sweater because it is getting cold here in Canada. We do LOVE Qualla!

      We do not know why we do not wear school uniforms. We just don’t. Do you like wearing school uniforms?

      Quell was not greedy eating all of the candy. D.w. still has a lot left.

      Thank you,

      Ypur Friends In Moonstone

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