Paula returns to Argentina

It is time for Paula to travel back to her home. The children are very sad but they made a farewell party for her argentinian friend.


Teacher Priscilla is speaking with the children about the trip Paula is going to undertake.


as well as teacher Anita


They have prepared their letter for their friends in Argentina and take a final picture


But Paula will have another farewell party, she will eat a Pachamanca (Pacha = Earth . Manca= Bowl) which is a typical peruvian dish that is prepared in the earth. It is made with pork meat, potatoes, sweet potatoes and manioc root, it is put in the earth, covered with bananas leaves and with covered with hot stones and earth. The childrel help to wash the stones.


and Paula is looking the way the Pachamanca is cooked

DSC_0008and when i is ready to eat


So she is ready to travel to Argentina


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