Goos Goes to a Group Day

Today Jindivick School children and teachers travelled by bus to Neerim District Rural Primary School for a Group Day.  It took us about 35 minutes on the bus. On a Group Day 4 small country schools meet and spend the day learning with each other by doing special activities. The day had a sustainability theme.      The Foundation Grade took their friend from Argentina, Goos the Whale.

imageGoos is with Alyssa and Keisha at the Treasure Hunt.

imageTaylah and Goos found this very long Gum Leaf on the Treasure Hunt.

imageLook at the beautiful school grounds. Can you see the children searching under the big trees? We also learned about energy sources, worms, compost and made insects from natural found objects. It was a lot of fun.


Teacher Carlos from Peru in Delta

Teacher Carlos came to Argentina and visited our school 26 in Carabelas River. He

brought a new teddy bear for us and took his teddy back home with many letters for the

kids. we made a farewell party for both. he tried tortas fritas! a typical food here

Paula back home

Paula back home

delicious farewell party!

delicious farewell party!

tortas fritas with teacher Florencia

tortas fritas with teacher Florencia


Hello from Delta

Teacher Linda from Dallas sent three teddy bears to Primary School 11, situated in Parana Mini

and Chana Rivers. They had a super time with the kids but the pink teddy bear wanted to go to another

school situated in Carabelas River. so he went there by school water bus. kids from second grade with teacher Zulma were very happy to see him, because now they are learning some words in englih to write to their friends in America. They sent to Dallas a teddy bear and letters for the kids. His name is

Honey. but Honey went with a national symbol called escarapela. you can see it on his chest. it was

made from a silkworm cocoon. And that is a nice story: they planted a native plant called anacahuita,

and silkworms went to live there! how important it is to plant native plants! teacher Zulma and the kids 20141030_140829 20150319_110520

Goos at Our School Picnic

At the end of February we had a picnic in our school grounds.  Goos liked playing games with us. We had running races, sack races and games. Goos liked to meet the families of our new Prep students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            IMG_5525                                                                                                                     Hannah and Annabel liked to run with Goos.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     IMG_5536

Alyssa and Mrs Price are telling Goos the rules of the game.   We all had a lot of fun at the picnic.