Paulo Cesar arrives in the Colegio de Ciencias

Paulo Cesar has arrived to Peru, and the children from 3rd. grade are very fond of him. They have learned something about Brazil and they are introducing themselves to their brazilian friends.


Introducing the 4th. grade students

The 4th. grade children are very happy with Caramel. He came from Australia, so Caramenl told them that in Australia people speak English, so they introduce themselves for his australian friends

Paula returns to Rio Carabela and Jashi travels back to Huánuco

P1000389Paula is now in her homeland. She is with Anusia in the boat which will take her to the school. In her way a lot of children come also to the school.


Finally at home again


Paula took with her the letters that the children in Huánuco wrote to their friends in Rio Carabelas.

P1000434 P1000431

and they start to writing back. This time it will be Jashi who will be taking the letters back to Perú.


So the last photo from Jashi in Rio Carabelas, with his friends before he took the trip back home


Paula returns to Argentina

It is time for Paula to travel back to her home. The children are very sad but they made a farewell party for her argentinian friend.


Teacher Priscilla is speaking with the children about the trip Paula is going to undertake.


as well as teacher Anita


They have prepared their letter for their friends in Argentina and take a final picture


But Paula will have another farewell party, she will eat a Pachamanca (Pacha = Earth . Manca= Bowl) which is a typical peruvian dish that is prepared in the earth. It is made with pork meat, potatoes, sweet potatoes and manioc root, it is put in the earth, covered with bananas leaves and with covered with hot stones and earth. The childrel help to wash the stones.


and Paula is looking the way the Pachamanca is cooked

DSC_0008and when i is ready to eat


So she is ready to travel to Argentina

Luciana tells us about Paula´s visit

Luciana wrote:

IMG_9748Paula is a very beautiful Teddy Bear, she comes from Argentina. We play in the park, in the afternoon we play hide and seek with my siblings, and I lean on a tree , we also play with my dog , whose name is Joki, he was running after us and he throw us, so we laugh a lot. After we went home to sleep with Paula.

IMG_9760Paula, my sister and me we went for a walk, the I prepared her bed. I was very happy with Paula, as we jumped on our beds and we were playing with my mothers stuff so I made a picture of Paula and we had fun.


Three days with Joe Sebastian

Paula was invited by Joe Sebastian, and she spended three days with him.

IMG_9750Here at the school

IMG_9751Having lunch with my uncle and aunt.

IMG_9752In bed with Paula and with my toys. The small picture is a traditional dance from Huánuco

IMG_9754With Paula in Happyland

IMG_9753With Paula on the San Sebastian Bridge looking at the Huallaga River