Autumn in Delta, Argentina

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hello all of you from Jashi who is in Delta in Argentina

Hello! the other day Jashi was staying at a kid’s house but could not come to school

because when it rains the road gets too muddy for the van to come to pick him up to

the school water bus. does it happen to you? but we have more photos we wanted to

share with you from our school. We need the address of Colegio de Ciencias in Peru

because the kids also wrote letters they wanted to send by mail. long letters for you

to read! have a very good weekend! Anusia

Fabulous Photos

These photos are from Anusia in Delta, Argentina.


CIMG1570 CIMG1571 CIMG1572 CIMG1573 CIMG1574 CIMG1579

These photos are a guided tour throughout the Delta school in Argentina. The children visited the lab because they have a project of native plants and they germinate the seeds there.  When the seeds have germinated they take the baby plants to the green house and when they grow they take them to their garden of native plants.

CIMG1583 CIMG1585 CIMG1586 CIMG1587 CIMG1588 CIMG1589CIMG1590 CIMG1592 CIMG1594 CIMG1599 CIMG1601 CIMG1603 CIMG1604 CIMG1606

They also have a museum of abandoned nests. When children find nests they take them to school to study them.

CIMG1610 CIMG1614