Kanga and Francisca

Kanga met Francisca’s family. They had a great time together!!!

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Some questions to Jindi school =)

Hello there!!! Here in Santa Rosa, La Pampa (Arg) we are learning about traffic signs. These are the most common among our city.

Can you show us yours? Are they too different from your signs?

Also, the children want to know:

1) how many students are there in your class? And in your school?

2) Do you eat “panqueques”? (pancakes) We eat them with dulce de leche! Yummy!

3) What’s your favourite animal?

4) Can you show us your town? Do you like playing football?

5) Have you ever seen a Ferrari? (Fermín wants to know this)

6) What’s your national currency? What’s Kanga’s baby’s name? Can you name him Lucas? (Lucas is eager to name the baby just like him, hehe) Are you having fun with Goos?