Australian Penguins

To Marcos, I thought your students might like to see our penguins. A lot of these penguins nest at Phillip Island which is a popular tourist attraction about an hour drive from here. It is called the Penguin Parade.

This first picture is feeding time at the zoo.

These are Little Penguins, used to be called Fairy Penguins.

These are Little Penguins, used to be called Fairy Penguins.


3rd Grade and Neymar Pink meet Anay’s family!

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Punta Tombo is a nature reserve where every September arrives the Magellanic penguin. First we learned about the life cycle of the penguin in the museum, and then we could see them closely …. Neymar spent a great day and great adventures!

Punta Tombo es una reserva natural donde cada año en septiembre arriva el pingüino de Magallanes. Primero aprendimos sobre el ciclo de vida del pingüino en el museo, y luego pudimos verlos muy de cerca…. Neymar pasó un gran día y vivió grandes aventuras!

Neymar Pink began his adventures on Argentina, first, arrived to Agustina’s house


Neymar are happy with Agustina in her house (Neymar está feliz de estar en casa de Agustina)


“É bom conhecê-lo” (Nice to meet you) says Neymar at people. Everybody smiles when greets to Neymar. (“É bom conhecê-lo” [“Encantado de conocerte”] dice Neymar a la gente. Todos sonríen cuando saludan a Neymar)

IMG-20140925-WA0002 IMG-20140925-WA0001 IMG-20140925-WA0004


Neymar was knowing Trelew’s downtown… and he said “wow, it’s cold in Argentina” (Neymar estuvo conociendo el centro de Trelew y dijo: “uauuuuu hace frío en Argentina”)



After a long day, Neymar and Agustina are going to sleep. (Después de un largo día, Neymar y Agustina se van descansar)

Our friend Penguin have a name! He´s called Anay

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Anay means friend in the mater tongue of mapuches, the indians who living in this region for thousands of years. The kids were so happy! as you can see…

They have been working and playing a lot with the new friend. Are almost all the preparations ready for Anay began his journey to Brazil !! how exciting!

Anay then will present you some activities in our school and some places in our region that are very beautiful.

See you soon! Greetings from Trelew, Chubut, Argentina for the Teddy Bear’s beautiful family!!