Making A Snowman

Paula and Qualla are making their first snowman. Our buses have been cancelled the past two days because we had so much snow. There are only 15 students in the whole school today so they decided to take Paula and Qualla out to get their first Canadian winter experience. There should be lots more to come!


Viva the Beaver goes to the Sale Museum

In our Prep unit this term for inquiry we have been learning about the past. Students have been comparing the similarities and differences between artefacts from the past (household items, toys) and what schools were like many years ago. As part of our learning we caught a bus to Sale (about a 30 minute drive) to visit the historical museum. We saw plenty of old items – of all different shapes and sizes! And of course we took Viva the Beaver along we us. The playground before coming back home was a major hit with Viva too! Here are some of our photos! image image image image image image image image

Qualla Spends Halloween At D.W.’s Farm

D.W. is a Ninja Turtle for Halloween. Qualla is a witch for Halloween. She is holding two brooms for her babies. D.W. and his brother put fruit and pumpkins around Qualla. D.W. and G.W. piled up candy around Qualla. D.W. and his dad took Qualla on the combine to harvest soybeans. The next day Dylan took Qualla to hockey. It was a great time!

Story and pictures by D.W.

Boomerangs Are Fun!


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Hello To Our Australian Friends. Thank you for telling us how to make pretend boomerangs. We had a lot of fun making them. After we made them we took them outside and threw them. It was fun throwing them. Sometimes they went really far and sometimes they did not go far.

Thank you again for telling us about boomerangs!