Monty visits a Pre-Columbian ruin

Mayela and her family took Monty to the Pre-columbian ruins of Kotosh, which is not far away from Huanuco

Mayela en las ruinas de Kotosh.

Mayela-Fam.Cornejo Rojas.

These are some pictures at night

Mayela-Puente San Sebastian.

Near the San Sebastian bridge

Mayela-Entrada a Huánuco junto al León.

with a Lions’statue which is the symbol of the city


Welcome Monty

Welcome Monty to Peru

The kids were very excited to receive their new friend “Monty”, that day they were asking all the day for him. They were waiting for Monty for weeks, they have big expectation in this proyect, it is a new experience for them so I have to say that they were happy and now they are complety happy with this new friend!.


Teachers Priscilla and Betzy introduce Monty to the kids, after that we knew some details about his country “Canada”. We all agreed that our flags really look like.


As you can see they are so happy with Monty. They embraced Monty all the time and kissed him every moment, we are very sure that they will grow fond with Monty.



When they saw Monty every body wanted to play with him.


The name of this girl is Mariel, she was the first that took Monty to her house. She was so happy and excited to show Monty our city and culture.


The white teddy bear is Monly, the kids chooses that name because they want that both bears are connected by the first letter of their name, they say they should be like brothers and that  they should  be friends despite the distance.


Every body is ready to start this amazing project, we are so glad to have Monty here and share with him new experiences.


We said “welcome to Monty and good bye to Monly”.


Our little spot in the world. Our city is Huánuco, where the well known song  “El condor pasa” was composed almost one hundred years ago.